Shorewest Shares: The Perfect Summer Patio And How To Create It

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One of the best things about summer is enjoying the weather outside! Whether it’s through the tranquility of reading a book in the grass or hosting a summer barbeque, it’s important to get your patio ready for summer. Here are a few tips on how to create the perfect summer patio:

1. Comfort is important. Patio furniture doesn’t have to be hard and uncomfortable. Hard metal benches and plastic chairs don’t have to be the only furniture on your patio. Add cushions to a bench, purchase outdoor pillows — create your perfect backyard oasis.

2. Choose a color palette. Picking a color palette for your outdoor space will make decorating easier. If your space doesn’t offer lots of green space, think about adding it. Add plants and decorate with the colors of your flowers.

3. Plan it out. If you’re looking to add outdoor space with lots of room to sit, include it in your plan! Planning it out will help you with the décor.

4. Find flea market items. You can find outdoor furniture, knick knacks and more for a fraction of the price. Flea markets offer lots of unique pieces that would be perfect in your (indoor or) outdoor space.

5. Light it up. To keep the party going after the sun sets, make sure you have good lighting. Candles, outdoor chandeliers, rope light or string lights are great examples.

6. Pick a statement piece. Pick one piece that will stand out and decorate around it. If you’re going to make the outdoor dining piece the statement piece, revolve everything else around that.

7. Add shade. Sunlight may feel wonderful in the cooler months, but in summer, you’re going to want some shade. Add a canopy or tent for rooftop space.

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